Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CozyRoll a unique product compared to an ordinary foil?

CozyRoll brings together the best of both worlds with its unique composition of glass wool insulation and radiant barrier exterior. This combination not only reflects heat but also reduces heat transfer, providing a more comprehensive insulation solution. In daylight, CozyRoll reflects and repels external heat, while at night, it helps retain cool air indoors for an extended period.

How can CozyRoll help reduce heat?

CozyRoll insulation is effective in reducing heat in two ways. The external foil layer acts as a reflective heat barrier, preventing heat from entering your living space from the roof. Additionally, the glass wool reduces heat transfer from the roof to the ceiling, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature by merging the advantages of both for superior thermal performance.

How does CozyRoll help in saving on electric bills?

CozyRoll insulation can contribute to savings on electric bills by reducing the dependence on cooling systems and regulating your air conditioner to work more efficiently. Insulated buildings can maintain a stable indoor temperature, putting less strain on the air conditioner’s compressor. As a result, the air conditioner uses less energy, leading to potential savings on your electric bills.

How do I determine how many rolls I need?

Each CozyRoll covers an area of two square meters. To calculate the number of rolls needed, measure your ceiling area in square meters (length x width) and divide it by two.

Will CozyRoll cause any damage to the wiring and electric appliances on the ceiling?

No, CozyRoll won’t affect the wiring and electric appliances on the ceiling. CozyRoll can be cut in areas required to avoid covering specific spots like wires and electric appliances, ensuring they remain accessible and unaffected. Please refer to the step-by-step guidebook to know more.

Can my ceiling support the weight of CozyRoll?

CozyRoll insulation weighs 2.6 KG per roll and 1.3 KG per square meter, adding minimal strain to the ceiling. However, it is advisable to seek guidance from your ceiling contractor to address your concern about the suitability of CozyRoll for your ceiling.

Can CozyRoll fit through a small manhole in the ceiling?

Yes, the size of a packaged CozyRoll is 0.4m (in diameter) by 0.4m (in height), allowing it to pass through most manholes in the ceiling without any issue.

How long can CozyRoll last?

While we offer a 10-year warranty on the product, it’s important to note that CozyRoll is designed for lasting performance, providing a long-term insulation solution that will last beyond your warranty period.

What is the difference between surface temperature and indoor temperature?

Surface temperature refers to the temperature of an object’s outer layer, like the roof or ceiling, that is exposed to the environment. It’s the heat you would feel if you got in contact with the surface.

On the other hand, indoor temperature is the overall temperature of the air within a room or living space. While surface temperature can vary due to factors like sunlight exposure or insulation, indoor temperature is influenced by heating, cooling, and insulation effectiveness. CozyRoll is effective in reducing both the surface temperature of the ceiling and the indoor temperature of the home.

How many degrees can I expect to reduce my indoor temperature with CozyRoll insulation?

On average, CozyRoll insulation can contribute to a significant temperature reduction of up to 10°C for the ceiling surface and 3°C for the indoor temperature. However, the overall temperature of a building is also affected by factors like the orientation of your house, shading, ventilation, and lighting.

Can I DIY the CozyRoll installation?

Yes, absolutely! CozyRoll’s easy installation process is designed for DIY-enthusiasts. The straightforward steps allow you to install it yourself to enjoy the benefits of an improved insulation solution without going through third parties. Just follow the provided instructions for a hassle-free application.